Assignment: Socket exercise: communicating in realtime. I will give you a game platform and the protocols to log in and communicate with it. Make a client to log in and play. Work in Processing, Flash, Arduino or whatever environment is comfortable to you. 

One of the best things about assignments at ITP is each one of them is unique, and each one is great learning experience. Before tackling this issue, I really had no idea what was what. After reading Making things talk, I was still confused. After conversations with a co-worker, the client server relationship finally took shape. Before this assignment , I have used the terminal and command line sparingly, but having someone walk through with you what actually is happening in the different exotic folders on unix and the programs they house was confidence inducing. Getting a better grasp of the network stack and the hierarchy of code (binary , compiled languages,  scripting languages, markup) has been something i have sought for some time.

My initial hope was to create a controller with my android phone, so i could practice using Processing for Android in Processing 2.0, and understanding the sdk setup for the mobile OS. I was able to write code that responded to key presses and showed visual feedback in processing. With classmates huddled around the big screen, I was able to connect to the pong server via laptop. However, i was not able to transfer the code to my phone. The emulator would not fire. Tom Igoe explained to us later that processing for android requires you to add libraries to the folder your script resides by going to the sketch->add file menu. In this case, i needed to add the processing.net library for my code to function.

So, as back up, Gabriela Gutierrez helped me use the wiimote as an alternative controller using the OSCulator utility.

I went back and programmed for the android and it uploaded, but i have yet to test it at work. Documentation here:



Cant wait to make something fun and have it on my phone all the time. Like add an RC remote module to control drones!