The team Zane Brzezinski, Seth Hamlin and I constructed a device that when you put on a wrist cuff, and play with a rubix cube, it alters a processing sketch. The processing sketch is a mimim visualization that plays tones (mp3’s) orchestrated by zane. The orientation of the wrist band is measured by an accelerometer which alters the volume and panning of the sketch. The Arduino and wires were placed neatly into an ipod package.  in order to keep track of the orientation of the wrist band, we connected a three way RGB whose color values were triggered by conditionals defined by orientation thresholds. We used an old late 90s apple computer speaker to house the light and create a futuristic effect. here is a demo:

video demo

We really wanted to see what kind of values came out of an accelerometer. This assignment helped us understand how finicky these sensors can be, and unless you are using an expensive one, it’s best to combine different sensors to get accurate readings.

here is the processing and arduino sketches: