Now, for a tubeyloops update.

I was fortunate to be one of the projects included at the ButterCamp event, surprisingly so, because I attended thinking I was going to be a spectator/helper, and instead I was lucky enough to be paired with a talented programmer from Boston’s Bocoup. Rick Waldron ( one of the minds behind popcorn.js’ ability to be accessible even for a major novice like me) was not only enthusiastic about the idea, but also has continued all week to keep our momentum going. Working with him has been very enjoyable.

We used the impressive logic behind the html5 beat sequencer Patternsketch events to drive popcorn video functions. 12+ hours later, tubeyloops went from theory to demo. Try it out!

We found interesting limitations to the browsers video player. One, the looping is definitely possible. However, when patternsketch drives the action, with every loop a varying amount of lag builds. The lag is very apparent when played with the regular sequencer beat of the computer. We decided for the demo to make it more of an instrument that plays video samples. By bringing in the human element, the beat can be maintained. I played a “set” for those attending buttercamp and with more skilled hands, the beat would be easy to keep.

Rick was able to use popcorn.js and jquery events to trigger video to play between designated in and out points. The triggers are pressing the keys Q W E and R. Each key is connected to a particular time in the video asset. The result is a fast responding, video looper that can be sequenced live albeit with some interesting quirks (a certain key press combo makes the entire clip play).

On tap? More discussion on the layout and execution. My final assignment for video and the open web mandates that all assets and tech I use are OPEN: openly licensed videos using open codecs like WebM and ogv, and websites like and HTML5.

I want to steadily work on learning three things in the next five weeks: css3 animations, jquery, and using the canvas tag to put effects on the video loops. I also want to use this as an opportunity to learn about the process behind an open-source project. It’s going to be fun!

Will keep you posted.

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