Big time concert going on at Prospect park tonight to kick off Brooklyn celebrates. BRIAN ENO and DAVID BYRNE will be performing. For free (suggested donation is $3).  The other events listed in today’s GothamList may not be as earth shattering, but very fun nonetheless. Here.

I went exploring on roosevelt island yesterday and got to the south end of the island where the old small pox/ insane asylum ruins are crumbling. It’s really one of the more unique spots in New York City, situated right across probably one of the most important sites in the world, The iconic UN Building. You can still feel the ghosts in that spot.

When we arrived to the very end of the island, there was a large group of people picnicking and fishing. One fisherman caught what looked like three 1+ foot long fish from the EAST RIVER. It surprises me to no end that fish of that size can survive in a waterway with runoff from the Metro Area. Are they even edible, being from waters that mix with the historically polluted upper Hudson? Here are a few pics:


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Here is that spot on google maps. 

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